Human Powered is a new kind of gym headquartered in Santa Monica. Santa Monica is the birthplace of fitness innovation, from Muscle Beach in the 1930s and 40s to the original Gold’s Gym in 1964. It is only fitting that such innovation continue to start here for the 21st century.

We are founded on two guiding principles:

1. Incentivize people to work out, wherever they want to work out. For this, we use a reward system. Whether you exercise outside, or at a studio, or at Human Powered, you get points (sort of like credit card points) to redeem for gift cards. We’re also applying game design/mechanics to make it all feel like you’re playing a game.

2. Be the first gym in LA to harness human energy to generate power. Why use energy-sucking machines to work out, when we are machines? Why not use that protein bar you just ate to power the ceiling fan for a few hours? Using Sports Art’s green technology, our cardio machines will subsidize our energy needs by transforming calories burned into watts generated.

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