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Doug and I (human powered cofounders) are morphing our gym into something better. We’re still going to have electricity-producing equipment, but we are now introducing lots of game design and a more robust reward system. “Put your workout to work” has a new meaning – your workout powers the grid AND earns you rewards. And none of the crappy rewards you see on Runkeeper or Belly where it’s a dollar off a Brita filter or something equally disappointing. I hate those.

I’m not going to be maintaining this blog anymore as we’ll be switching over to a new domain. But please list your contact information in the About page to get updates!

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Ragnar SoCal Complete

It turns out that I was way overambitious thinking I’d have a chance to talk to lots of potential members about HUMAN POWERED, and maybe discuss a partnership with some of the Ragnar organizers. Instead, I spent pretty much the entire 36 hours adventure bonding with the girls on my team, all of whom flew in from out of state. It was amazing. When I wasn’t running, I was laughing. And we crushed it too! We placed 2nd out of the 55 regular women’s teams and 28th out of all 730 teams.

Team Scrambled Legs and H.A.M. at the finish

Team Scrambled Legs and H.A.M. at the finish

The trip was still not a waste when it comes to work, though. I realized how important it is to partner with Ragnar for two reasons:

  1. Comradery. The Human Powered Ecofitness Collective, in addition to being a place to work out, is a place to meet awesome people who inspire you to challenge yourself. Ragnar is that concept on steroids, since you’re squished into van and running a race and depriving yourself of sleep. Our HUMAN POWERED members need to experience it.
  2. Sustainability. I was extremely disappointed in Ragnar’s efforts to leave no trace. They didn’t have recycling bins at the exchanges despite the multitude of water bottles, apparently because they had recycling bins last year and people still didn’t recycle. That is a joke of a reason. All you need to do then is make it easier to know which bins are which – people do what is convenient. They also gave each van blue (presumably recycling) bags in addition to a trash bags, but then gave no instructions, and I did not see anywhere to drop off these recyclables along the race or at the finish. Anyway, one of my missions for HUMAN POWERED is now going to be to encourage and help our partner businesses to be more sustainable.

    I’ll be reaching out to Ragnar sometime in the coming months. Now I am about to try surfing with a few of the Scrambled Legs gals who came up to LA for a post-race vacation. The quest to try new things continues!

Absurd Italian video of a human powered playground/mini theme park

One week until Ragnar SoCal

This Friday (April 10-11), I will be participating in the Southern California Ragnar Relay race as part of team “Scrambled Legs & H.A.M.” In the words of one of my Ragnar experienced teammates, “it’s freaking awesome and sweet and weird and kind of like Bonnaroo with less drinking and drugs and more running and fitness. CLEARLY AMAZING.” I am so excited and pretty nervous, even though I luuucked out and got the shortest leg.

Ragnar races are overnight relays. As in, we’re going to run and pass the baton (slap bracelet) all through the night on the 10th. There are two types of teams – regular (12 people running 3 legs each) and ultra (6 people running 6 legs each). The SoCal race goes from Huntington Beach to San Diego. Each regular team uses 2 vans to follow the runners down the coast.

Ragnar SoCal 2015 Race Map

I’m looking forward to meeting lots of runners and getting input on Human Powered… and already kind of can’t wait for it to be Saturday night. Any tips for my pre-race week? Please share in the comments!



  1. I want to win just so we can yell “WATCH THE THRONE!!”
  2. Could not agree more with one of the youtube comments on the H.A.M. video.. Kanye and Jay-Z’s lip-syncing is a 0.5 out of 10.
  3. Some enjoyable team names I’ve seen so far are “All About That Pace” and “Blood, Sweat, and BEERS”

Goodbye, March

Bring on April. This is a great French commercial if you haven’t seen it. The harder the people pedal, the more the neon man on the wall strips. The women’s reactions are so funny. Go Human Power!

Exploration 1 Complete

I had such a great time at the BandsAndBody event last night. First, as expected, we got together by the square (not actually on the square – we stayed in the shade by the stairs) to use resistance bands. The exercises were very different than I imagined, though. I thought it would be mostly individual exercises and probably a few partner things, but Dustin had us all criss-cross our bands together so that we formed a circle. It reminded me of the parachute activity in gymnastics when I was a little kid – so much fun! We worked our whole bodies and I was also pleasantly surprised at how rhythmic it was (to good music).

Second, I didn’t know that the BandsAndBody portion was going to be followed by “breathwork” on the beach, but that ended up being my favorite part. Nothing beats being on the beach at sunset and I highly recommend everyone try some sort of breathwork. I especially liked that at the end, Dustin had everyone turn to someone they didn’t know before and talk about their experience. All the people that came were exceptionally friendly and kind – it was a joy to be among them.

Unfortunately, Dustin is cancelling the BandsAndBody meetup group but you can find the breathwork, movement, and sounds group here.

Free MLRT (Multi-Limb Resistance Training) event 3/26/15

If you’ve walked along Muscle Beach/the Santa Monica pier, then you’ve probably stopped and gaped at the people doing things I can’t even describe on “The Green Square” at 1670 Appian Way. (Pictures are worth 1000 words).




Tomorrow 3/26, at 5:45 pm, Fitness Trainer Dustin Conrad and a group of “bandits” will get together on the square for a fun, free, and quick session of resistance training. The event page says that “Balance, coordination, and overall muscle toning happen quickly and drastically.” Looking forward to it!

You can find Dustin’s personal site here and the event page here.

Status Update 1

Check out our About page. We are no ordinary gym!

Over the next few weeks, we are working on conducting in person and online interviews to learn more about the needs of our potential consumers. To do this, we’re immersing ourselves in the the myriad of fitness options in the LA area and meeting as many people as we can along the way.

Here is what the blog will cover during this time:

  • Interesting trends in people’s answers to our interview questions
  • Information about fitness classes and events we’re trying out